February ~ The Month of Love and How to Grow Your Self Love

Dare To Love Yourself


There are so many lessons we can learn from the month that brings us Valentine's Day and puts our focus on Love...  Love is not just about expecting someone else to love you, it's about loving yourself first, because if you can't love yourself then how can you expect others to love you!  Someone who doesn't love themselves is hard to love because they tend to be 'prickly' or difficult to be around.

So what are the ways you can love yourself?

  1. Accept yourself for who you are right now, imperfections and all - you are a work in progress.
  2. Forgive yourself for your past mistakes and make it right where appropriate (usually your intuition will tell you).
  3. Make friends with your inner critic - If you hate on your inner critic you will try to deny it is there and not hear it when it comes up.  Making friends with it means you will be more able to acknowledge when it starts speaking in your ear and over your shoulder...  Once you make friends you can learn to tame your inner critic by hearing what it is saying, acknowledge it and have a conversation, sometimes when your inner critic comes up it is scared or could be a looking for self protection.
  4. Make time for the things that are important to you, meditation, nutrition, staying hydrated (very important), movement, quiet time for your soul.
  5. Make your word authentic - when you commit or agree to something make sure you do it or communicate to change the agreement (that includes the agreements you make with yourself).  You will feel better about yourself when you know you are authentic.
  6. Take care of your finances - don't abdicate them to someone else, or pretend they don't exist.  When you manage your finances you will feel more in charge of yourself.
  7. Celebrate your wins everyday - no matter how small.  Small wins lead to bigger wins.
  8. Practice gratitude daily - this helps to bring you into the present moment.
  9. Work on being a work in progress, knowing that you are working on being a better person and improving yourself helps build self-esteem.  
  10. Be kind to yourself - if you treated your best friend the way you treat yourself would they stay your friend for long?
  11. Spend time with friends and make new friends - Its healthy to have relationships outside your work and partnerships to give you different perspectives.
  12. Learn and practice being a better communicator.  The better you can communicate the more connected and intimate your relationships will become (not to mention the benefits at work).
  13. Choose quality over quantity - surround yourself only with things you love, this elevates and triggers more love feeling in you because you are more constantly reminded and triggered towards love feelings.
  14. Dress beautifully - adorn your body (that you love) with quality clothes that make you feel fabulous from the first layer that touches your skin, it starts on the inside and creates a feeling which radiates and others will notice.  This might sound superficial however besides being an immediate perception builder its a message you are sending yourself - that you are worth it, that you are valuable - do it for yourself.

So learning to love yourself isn't only about 'nice' things, its also about being in alignment with yourself, oftentimes we don't feel loving towards ourselves because there are things and people we are accepting in our lives that aren't true to us, agreements we don't keep, negative people we accept that get in our heads, ethics that we don't align with, and getting into alignment with yourself will help you feel more truly and authentically loving towards yourself.

To Your Success (and Love)...

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