A Win For Curves of Distinction Worldwide!

The Elegant Executive Curve wins with HitechNova TailorNova and New York Fashion Week


How I Won the HiTechMODA and TailorNova International Fashion Design Competition for Curvy and Showcased at NYFW

I'm sitting here in Manhattan NY writing this after just winning the HiTechMODA and TailorNova International Design competition and showcasing at New York Fashion Week... and I'm still pinching myself, with comments like "I would buy everything on this rack", "this looks like something you would buy in Paris"... ringing in my ears.

How did I, a short 26months after launching this brand, end up here? I ask myself... and still waiting for an answer to come to me.

Was it luck - no, there was no luck involved.  The truth is it has been a combination of sheer hard work, long hours and days, taking the right opportunity when it comes along, networking, and a handful of very special key people (4 actually) who have supported and encouraged me to keep going during the tough times when I felt like giving up, and doing the most I can with a very very small budget.

I have taken a stand for Curvy Businesswomen worldwide, women who add to the economy, create jobs for others, and inspire, why shouldn't they have access to quality garments that make them feel beautiful, comfortable, successful, and confident; garments that are appropriate to their ambitions and achievements.  After all, they've worked hard too to get to where they are.  But the fact is they don't have the choices of quality and style that regular sizes have, they struggle to find great fit and fabrics.  I've spoken to curvy women worldwide and they are united in this challenge and frustration.

After discovering the Tailornova software I knew I could solve this problem by marrying this world-leading technology with old-style artisan craftsmanship and provide beautifully fitting garments in fine fabrics and styles for Curvy Figures of Distinction - clothes with heart!

To me, it's been important to create not just another fashion brand, but to build into the business model support for the community of women that are involved in the processes that it takes to get a garment to your wardrobe.  This is the power that Indie designers have, the power to create something that has meaning and contribution.

That's why we feature #whomademyclothes on every swing tag - yes it takes more work than just attaching a tag to a garment from a factory. 

That's why we have a secret body-positive message to the wearer designed into every garment, where we speak to you in private, like a girlfriend whispering in your ear as you get dressed in the morning, it's a reminder of how unique and special you are.

And that's why we donate from every garment sold to a not-for-profit that assists underprivileged women to gain financial independence and escape issues such as domestic violence, sexual slavery, and homelessness.

So when you buy a garment from us, you are not only buying a garment that will make you feel fabulous, you are supporting a whole community of women to get ahead.

So how did I get here, to NYFW?... Hard work, taking a risk, doing something differently, connecting with the right people, taking a stand for what's right (aka leadership), and solving a problem in an innovative way, and continuing to believe through the highs and lows - after all, that's what business day-to-day is all about.

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