Milestone: Our First Donation

Giving Is Living


Our first donation to Global Sisters!

It has been our vision from the start to donate a portion of every garment sold to selected not-for-profit organisations that support underprivileged women to start businesses enabling them to have better choices for their lives, whether it be a few chickens to start a farm in a third-world country, to rallying their tribe to make jewellery, sewing & beading, or making bread and selling it etc.  
This empowerment of financial independence gives a woman the ability to choose and to support her family and her children to have education, to not have to go into sexual slavery or put herself into the position of being abused by others in order to make a living.
And so I send a big thank you to all the people who have supported and encouraged me to bring this business baby into fruition, I am so happy to be doing this today!
When you buy a garment from us you are helping empower 4 levels of women:
1) yourself because we design business fashion that fits & flatters to help curvy women leaders to feel as successful as you are,
2) our suppliers many of whom are women and/or local owned businesses,
3) our artisan sewers who lovingly make your garments from home in Australia where they create a living to support their families, and
4) underprivileged women we donate a portion from every garment to, enabling them to start their own businesses and be financially independent.


To Your Success...

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