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Join our Facebook Community Group for Women Leaders' Styling for Success

Lady Leaders' you are invited to join our private Facebook community for women leaders' who want to style their wardrobes and office for success. We provide education, guest experts, quality products, positive body image tips, and a safe environment to share relating to this topic.

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Spending Time Alone Is a Healthy Gift to Yourself!

Being comfortable with spending time alone is a very valuable gift you can give yourself. Some people feel very uncomfortable being alone, this is when all their fears come up, however if you can work on yourself until you can feel comfortable spending time on your own helps both your own emotional and mental health, and your relationships.  It allows you to spend reflective time needed to rejuvenate and refresh, envision your next plans, and it triggers creativity.  It's like the space between the notes of the busyness of work, family, and friends, your patience, sense of humour and vitality will return. This festive season try to spend some time just with yourself, giving yourself the gift of space to...

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Beauty is a Feeling that Radiates from Inside

That feeling that radiates beauty from within comes from a number of elements including exercise, nutrition, self love & appreciation, gratitude etc. however the number one thing that has you feeling beautiful and able to appreciate yourself (which most people don't mention), is integrity and ethics.  Doing the right thing and knowing that's the kind of person you are gives you a sense of inner confidence, however that doesn't mean doing the right thing needs to be or should be at the cost or sacrifice of yourself.  Integrity of self is a two way law of nature which includes what you do to others, and what others do to you... Part of being a person of integrity is taking care of & protecting...

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