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Fashion Revolution Week Apr 24-30 - Who Made My Clothes?

Today marks the beginning of Fashion Revolution Week where the spotlight is cast on Who Made My Clothes?   At The Elegant Executive Curve we proudly feature on every swing tag who lovingly made your clothes.  Our clothes are made by artisans who care about creating quality garments that will last and that you feel wonderful wearing.  We are proud of our artisans and the skills they have developed - many over their lifetime.   Did you know in many offshore workshops the women (and girls) in the production line sew the same seam on a garment day in and day out and then pass it to the next in line who sews the next seam, they do not know,...

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Join our Facebook Community Group for Women Leaders' Styling for Success

Lady Leaders' you are invited to join our private Facebook community for women leaders' who want to style their wardrobes and office for success. We provide education, guest experts, quality products, positive body image tips, and a safe environment to share relating to this topic.

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Who is Your Curvy Woman Leader Style Role Model?

Often our role models don't realise that they inspire us to behave better, dress better, achieve more. It takes effort to go against the grain of compliance, entropy and negatively as a role model. Let them know they are a style role model to you and tag them below, thank them and encourage them to keep being inspiring. These women make a world of difference to us. To Your Success...

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