We are the Future of Fashion!

The Future Of Fashion @ The Elegant Executive Curve
The March Virgin Voyeur magazine discusses the future of fashion saying "For fashion companies, this (technology) could mean the reduction of waste and sale markdowns.  When the economies of scale change, you can adapt designs very quickly, tackling problems of sizing.  So in the future, you will probably be able to have your body scanned, and that data incorporated into the code that generates your jacket or jeans so they're a perfect fit".
Whilst the magazine thinks that this possibility is in the future, what they don't know is that the future of fashion is already here at The Elegant Executive Curve where we create fashions to perfectly fit your unique body shape with our made-to-fit software.
This means we don't have excess wastage from mass manufacturing and you don't waste your money buying clothes that don't fit or aren't in the colour or style that you want.
We are the future of fashion!
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  • The Elegant Exec

    Denise, thanks for your comments and review, yes it is an exciting direction to be moving in, we’ll be in touch to discuss further.

  • Denise Stacy

    I have been researching the idea of using 3d body scanning to create well fitting clothes for a long time. Your company is the first that I have seen that seems to actually be headed in that direction. I have some ideas, on how to reach more customers and grow this business. I would love to get involved with this while it is still at the starting point.

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