Our Story

Our Story

Welcome to The Elegant Executive Curve!


We believe that curvy business women deserve to have high quality, stylish and professional business wear while running businesses, leading teams, adding to the economy, and creating jobs ~ you need to feel fabulous and confident in your clothes because when YOU FEEL GREAT it shows up in how you lead, and your business' success.

Founded by a curvy business woman for curvy business women, and born from a frustration with the lack of quality, stylish, and professional business wear available for curvy women leaders.  The Elegant Executive Curve was founded in Australia by The d'Luscious Creative Collaborative Pty Ltd.

In our extensive research and global travels, we heard many stories that broke our heart, of women who held themselves back from achieving their full potential and felt they needed to avoid meetings because they couldn't find appropriately professional and well fitting clothes to wear ~ and we found the market severely lacking.  We heard stories from women with different shaped bodies challenged to find something that fits fabulously ~ and having experienced this ourselves we decided to do something about it!

We understand that your size and shape is determined by many factors, like genetics, stress, hormones, illness, some Rx drugs, IVF treatments, having babies, lack of adequate sleep, etc.... and we believe this should have nothing to do with the quality of clothes that are available for you to dress confidently for work and feel great in!  We were disgusted with how body shape and size has been used to discriminate.  We believe every woman has the right and the ability to have clothes that help you to look and feel confident and beautiful every day while you do business.


It's our vision to be your premium go-to #Bizstyle label, a place where curvy women leaders can elegantly style for success, save time, feel confident AND beautiful ~ because when YOU FEEL GREAT your business and your bottom line will show it too... (pardon the pun)

We've married old-style artisan craftsmanship with the latest new technology in made-to-measure pattern-making and body scanning to offer an innovative solution where you can order online, a capsule set of mix~n~match garments that are made~to~measure for your unique individual form in an attractive colour palette, and then pay for them with an easy monthly subscription receiving several items per month which build on the last.  

We're not about the excesses of sweatshops and cheap fast fashion, we're advocates of the slow fashion movement where quality over quantity reigns, where old fashioned style and elegance are valued.  Our capsule wardrobes are lovingly designed by us and then crafted locally in Australia by small groups of skilled artisans.  We advocate bringing quality manufacturing back to Australia by supporting these artisans being able to work from home while continuing their skills, and being able to spend time with their families. ~ Just like the 'Paddock to Plate' food movement we're promoting an "Artisan Hands to Wardrobe" revolution where when you purchase a product created by us the profile of the artisan who made it will be featured to you, and vis-versa our artisans will know who they are crafting for, thereby creating a cycle of care, quality, and connection from us to you!


Our ancillary products, if not made in Australia, have been carefully selected for their quality and/or an inspiring woman behind them.

And finally, because we're passionate about supporting women in business, we donate a percentage of our profits to selected non-profit organisations that support underprivileged women to start businesses so they can gain financial independence and support their families, and selected non-profit organisations that promote the development of artisan needlework skills worldwide.

If you'd love to keep up to date with our progress just register for our newsletter and we'll be in touch.

To Your Success... 

Body Image MovementSept 2016 - We're so over the moon to be accepted as a Global Ambassador of the Body Image Movement and to be supporting and encouraging women to love and partner with the body you have and make the best of it.

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