My Measurements

There are 3 ways you can have your measurements taken and forward to us:

When ordering Made-to-Fit please complete our online measurements form here.

1.  Measurements with a Friend:

We'll send you our measurement form and instructions.  Watch our measurement taking instructional video here (please enter the measurements on our form provided), and have a friend take your measurements.

2.  Visit one of our Image Consultant/Stylist Partners:

You can confidently have your measurements taken by one of our Image Consultant/Stylist Partners listed here.

3.  Body Scanning Service for e-Measurements:

We're proud to be partnering with mPort to provide an eMeasurement service, where their private body scanning pods scan your body using infra-red technology measuring some 200,000 points and electronically provide us with all the detailed measurements we require to create your made-to-measure wardrobe.  

The infra-red does not penetrate your body and only measures the outer shell where the light hits so it's important to wear underclothes that neither bulk nor restrict your body shape (such as padded bras and shapewear) to get an accurate reading (you do need to wear a regular bra so your bust is measured at its everyday shape).  Rest assured your details are kept private and confidential.  

You can register for an account with mPort and find their pod locations here.